Victor Camocha – Tonsilitis

Jaen, Cajamarca
Peru, South America


I am 48 years old. Our problem is related to our son Rodolfo who is 11 years old. He suffered with an infection in the tonsils. And talking about it with Engineer Luis Tafur, he explained to me the effects of Homa Therapy. He told us that he was working in Piura with Homa Therapy and that he has had very good experiences with this healing technique. Then I said I wanted to know more about it and he invited us over to his print shop for Agnihotra.

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James Mesa Garcia – Diabetes

Jaen, Cajamarca
Peru, South America


I am 41 years old. Thanks to the invitation of Mr Alex Cordova and Mr Walter Salazar, I learned about Homa Therapy through the presentation of Prof. Abel. Since my childhood, I have had a problem with diabetes. In this area, children are not tested for diabetes. I’ve always been chubby, but then I started losing weight and I was very happy. But the surprise was that I was diagnosed with diabetes. The tests showed that my blood glucose level was 450.

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Prof. Lastenia Baca Campos’ Story

Lonya Grande,
Peru, South America

menopausal problems
muscular pain

“I had a lot of stress and anxiety and with the practice of Agnihotra my life has changed. I feel better. I also had some kind of menopausal problems. My body ached all over and my sister told me that a Cuban doctor could cure me, but it will cost me 500 soles per month. It was an inflammation of muscles, bones and cartilage. I had taken medication for this, but it didn’t help.

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