Ravi Lad | Herpes

Ravi Lad
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Namaste, Greetings.
I am 63 years old and I had suffered a major attack of Herpes Zoster in 2015 in my left leg. It was detected very late, therefore the intensity was very, very high. The nerves from the lower back to the middle toe, ring toe and the little toe of the left leg were damaged, making the toes and the foot hyper-sensitive and numb.
I went to my physician and started my treatment. I went in fact to three physicians, two in neurocare centers and my family physician as well. I was prescribed 9 different medicines and when I went to the other doctor, he prescribed me more medication. For 5 years I was going through a terrible period and there used to be great pain in the left leg from the knee down. It was hypersensitive.

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Cary B | Herpes

Cary B., Lima, Peru, South America

Some of my healing experiences with Homa Therapy:

1) Herpes
    Since childhood, I have suffered frequently from herpes simplex. It appeared half a centimeter below the left end of the lower lip. It always arrived at the beginning of summer and lasted about 15 days without medication but with much discomfort.
As an adult, it sprouted about three times and it always healed without medication in about 15 days.

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