James Mesa Garcia – Diabetes

Jaen, Cajamarca
Peru, South America


I am 41 years old. Thanks to the invitation of Mr Alex Cordova and Mr Walter Salazar, I learned about Homa Therapy through the presentation of Prof. Abel. Since my childhood, I have had a problem with diabetes. In this area, children are not tested for diabetes. I’ve always been chubby, but then I started losing weight and I was very happy. But the surprise was that I was diagnosed with diabetes. The tests showed that my blood glucose level was 450.

The doctor told me that he himself has had diabetes for 25 years and that one simply must control the food and take the medicines. The problem is that I have hereditary diabetes. My father died one year ago with the same disease.

He took the medicines and followed all the instructions of the doctor, but the drugs ruined his liver. He died of cirrhosis at 65 years of age.

Two years ago, I had a glucose level of 640. The doctors repeated the test several times, because they did not believe it.

Anyway, the problem is that every day I ache and suffer from insomnia. I do not sleep all night long. To rest is a problem for me, because my joints hurt. I have been a legal drug addict because I have been taking medicines every day.

However, in the last few days I’ve been involved with the Homa fires and my body does not hurt anymore and I can sleep very well. Homa also changed my mood, I feel happy because I have no pain. And this simply happened by just attending the Agnihotra fire, breathing the healing smoke and taking the Agnihotra ash. Of course, now I practice Agnihotra myself.

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