Carla De Lourdes Díaz Guerrero | COVID19, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cirrhosis

(Foto: Carla Díaz)

 Carla De Lourdes Díaz Guerrero
Castilla, Piura, Peru, South America
I am 39 years old. I want to share with you a testimony about my 69-year-old mother. We took my mother, for reasons of corona virus prevention, to my sister’s house, because she handled the protection protocol better.
My mother is a vulnerable patient due to her age, her pulmonary fibrosis and her liver cirrhosis. Continue reading “Carla De Lourdes Díaz Guerrero | COVID19, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cirrhosis”

Coronavirus and Homa Therapy

Elizabeth Mena
Madrid, Spain, Europe

Coronavirus and Homa Therapy
     I want to tell you about my experience with the Corona Virus. Here in Madrid, the situation is quite severe. Here, many are infected and my roommate also got infected. My boyfriend and I spent more than a week living with him (not knowing he was infected). We didn’t hug, but we did eat at the same table and we were using the same things. He did the test and we waited 5 or 6 days of rigor to do the test. That’s what they say you have to wait for the analysis to be correct. Continue reading “Coronavirus and Homa Therapy”

Agnihotra and Coronavirus


By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Agnihotra and Coronovirus

Corona Virus – How can Agnihotra Help?

The problems caused by a worldwide infection of people by this novel coronavirus SARS- CoV2 affect everybody. Of course we all should follow the rules of at least slowing down the spreading of this virus, like social distancing, washing hands often, etc.
What else can we do? Continue reading “Agnihotra and Coronavirus”