Johny Javier León Cruz | Diabetes

(Photo: Johny León and his wife Maritza in the Buen Pastor)

Johny Javier León Cruz

Patient with diabetes

Homa Medical Center
El Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd)
of Dr. Jaime Montufar
Guayaquil, Ecuador,
South America

Dr. Montufar:
   Mr. Leon is a diabetic patient who came because his leg was going to be amputated. First, he was told that the foot would be cut. Then he was told that the cut would be above his knee. He escaped from the hospital and came to our Homa Medical Center. Thanks to Homa Therapy, we were able to help him with his foot and we were able to rescue his leg. Continue reading “Johny Javier León Cruz | Diabetes”

Cary B | Herpes

Cary B., Lima, Peru, South America

Some of my healing experiences with Homa Therapy:

1) Herpes
    Since childhood, I have suffered frequently from herpes simplex. It appeared half a centimeter below the left end of the lower lip. It always arrived at the beginning of summer and lasted about 15 days without medication but with much discomfort.
As an adult, it sprouted about three times and it always healed without medication in about 15 days.

Continue reading “Cary B | Herpes”