Ana Maria Alvarado’s Story

Medellin, Colombia
South America

drug addiction

(Excerpts from her conversation with a youth group, which is being rehabilitated with Homa Therapy.)

“I took drugs, liquor, tobacco, everything. The rehabilitation experience for me was very difficult; freeing myself from all these things. I recommend you to value Homa Therapy in this process, because it really helps, it really takes away the anxiety. It helps to keep focused on what is good for you. It helps to remove those things that we do not want and helps us to attract the things we need.”

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Hans Carlos Carnas Torres’ Story

Villarica, Peru
South America

cigarettes & drug addiction

“I am 33 years old. I have been practicing Homa Therapy for 6 months on a farm called “Union”. The changes I have experienced in my person are many. In the physical aspect I observed that my fingernails are stronger, my hair was always split and now it is like silk, my skin is being healed of acne and the scent of my skin has changed, now it smells like incense, it smells fresh. I bathe every day with Agnihotra ash water and take every day Agnihotra ash.”

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