Modesto Burgués | Peripheral Neuropathy

Modesto Burgués
Asunción, Paraguay, South America

        I am 68 years old. I suffer from peripheral neuropathy. If I stop taking my pill for just one day, I am not able to move a finger. But after drinking only water with Agnihotra ash, I am as calm as if I had taken the remedy. I feel very well and I have no pain!
(Photo: Mr. Modesto Burgués)

Dr. Nilsa Noemi Ibarrola Arce | Knee Pain, Leg Cramps

Dr. Nilsa Noemi Ibarrola Arce
Fernando de la Mora, San Lorenzo, Paraguay

    With the practice of the fires of Homa Therapy I feel calmer, happier. Today, while I was attending patients, I realized that there were problems that I am no longer looking as problems and they have been resolved. A patient came troubled and left relieved. And that is thanks to a happier, calmer and more harmonious environment. Continue reading “Dr. Nilsa Noemi Ibarrola Arce | Knee Pain, Leg Cramps”

Nelly La Pierre | Rheumatoid Arthritis

Nelly La Pierre
Asunción, Paraguay, South America

        I am 70 years old. I was present at Homa Therapy last Monday. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have a lot of pain. Sometimes my hand aches and it is difficult to open and close it. That day was one of those where my hand was closed and very stiff. After Agnihotra finished, I moved all my fingers easily and without pain.

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Fidalina Brizuela | Schizophrenia

Fidalina Brizuela
Asunción, Paraguay, South America

       My son’s name is Miguel. He suffers from schizophrenia. He doesn’t have any patience to wait. He just leaves and wants to go home. Then I have to leave quickly with him. I even have a priority attention pass at the hospital for whenever we need to go there, because he gets desperate.  And here in this Homa atmosphere, an incredible thing happens with him. He remains calm!
He himself wants to come for Agnihotra and I see that improvement in him.
(Photo: Mrs. Fidalina Brizuela)

Fidalina Brizuela | Toxic Relationship

Fidalina Brizuela
Asunción, Paraguay, South America

        Last week, I was at Mrs. Brigitte’s house with my sister participating in Agnihotra for the first time. I want to share with you that she has been in a very bad relationship for years, but that she never had the courage to leave. Two days after the first Agnihotra and taking its healing ash, she had the strength and courage to leave. She has been in this toxic relationship for 23 years. Now she is doing very well.