Dr. Manuel Pulido Barzola | Prostate Sarcoma

Dr. Manuel Pulido Barzola
Homa Medical Centre El Buen Pastor of Dr. Jaime Montufar
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

       I am 73 years old. My profession is Veterinary Doctor. For 35 years I have been in the university teaching in the area of pathology.
I am a pathologist. I have a master’s degree and doctorate in Pathology.
     22 months ago, I was diagnosed with a prostate sarcoma in situ and was immediately operated on. A prostate sarcoma in situ means a cancer located only in the prostate.

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Cecilia Isabel Chung | Preeclampsia

Cecilia Isabel Chung, Josefina Vega Zevallos and Violeta Montes Bravo
Huánuco, Peru, South America

Note: Master Shree Vasant visited Huánuco on several occasions and these ladies had the great honor of meeting Him, a memory they carry with humility and gratitude in their hearts.

Photo left: Mrs. Josefina, Mrs. Violeta and Mrs. Cecilia Isabel sharing their unforgettable experience with Agnihotra.

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