Hilda Rocio Correa | Back Pain, Scalding

Hilda Rocio Correa
Municipality of Utcubamba
Bagua Grande, Peru, South America

     "I am 63 years old. I had many Homa experiences, one of them with my husband. One day, he woke up with back pain and could not walk. I took him to the hospital and we were told that it was his spinal column. Then I took him to receive a back massage, but they charged from 50 to 100 Soles, and we did not have the money. So, I told my husband that I have an ash which works as a miracle rub. He agreed and I rubbed the Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee on his shoulders down to his legs.

      The next day, he woke up without any pain. And until now,  he still is without pain. That was one year ago. I had accompanied you during Agnihotra in the hospital in Bagua Grande with Mr. Margarito (2nd tallest man in the world) and a group of handicapped people.
      My husband told my nephew about this for he had a bad leg. So I also gave my nephew a massage with the Agnihotra cream and he also got healed; the pain has not come back. I tell them that this Agnihotra ash is amazing.
       I myself got burned with boiling water. I was alone and it was quite horrible. I burned my skin from the knee down to the foot. This happened when I was lifting a pot of boiling water from the stove and the handle broke. Later, they told me to go to the doctor, but since they scrub away the burned skin, I did not go out of fear. So, I washed the leg well and grabbed the Agnihotra ash cream and spread it all over. No blisters appeared and not a single mark remained! I did take one pill for the pain. The skin was black from the ash when I woke up the next day, but it cleared gradually. There is no scar left and I was healed within one week."
(Photo: Mrs. Hilda Rocio Correa)

Jorge Alvarado | Back Pain

Jorge Alvarado
Guayaquil, Ecuador

             "I’m participating in Homa Therapy here at the Holistic Center "Vida Nueva" (New Life) of the couple Viviana Esteves and Mario.
         Even though I am a little skeptical, I have good experiences. The first time I participated in Homa Therapy, which by the way is offered as a free treatment, I had pain in my back and during the Therapy, while we were doing Mantras and meditation, suddenly, when I rearranged my sitting position, the pain was gone.
This caught my attention and I do come here every week to participate.

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Homa Healing Stories from Cuba

Renate Lechler sends the following Homa Healing stories from her trips to Cuba.

Odalys Révero Menéndez
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
      "I came to know about Homa Therapy through my daughter, who knew Mrs. Renate. I had a lot of pain in my body. I also was suffering from hot flushes due to the menopause. I started doing the Homa Fires and I felt improvement after one week. I do not have body aches any longer and the hot flushes disappeared little by little. Continue reading “Homa Healing Stories from Cuba”