Cmdr Fernando & Vicky Zurita, Ecuador

Fernando Zurita is the Naval Commander at Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. He tells the story of his healing after suffering a stroke three and a half years ago. His wife, Vicky started practising the fires of Homa Therapy with her whole family. Recent medical tests have shown Fernando’s heart to be in good condition.

Pusparani, Malaysia

Homa Therapy Testimony – Stroke Patient unable to walk and talk for a year and a half. After performing Agnihotra twice, drink ash water and apply ash water over his body, he was able to walk with the help of walking stick on the 3rd day.

Pooja Jain, India

Mrs Usha Jain tells of the miracle healing of her daughter Pooja who was suffering from a skin allergy for the last 8 years after receiving a cephalosporin injection at the age of 5. After only 2 months treatment with Agnihotra ash the skin allergy has cleared up completely.
(Marathi & English)

Noma Cosmos, USA

74 year-old Noma Cosmos speaks about her miraculous healing after attending a group Homa Therapy session in Santa Fe, NM. Noma had suffered pain and was confined to a wheelchair for the last three years after being involved in an accident.