Homa Psychotherapy: Training the Mind

Training the Mind to react with Love and
make proper Decisions

By Barry Rathner, Clinical Psychologist

HOMA PSYCHOTHERAPY: Steps 4 & 5, as promised

Were we to take a deep breath and assess where we as a planet are today, some prominent points stick out:

1. Taking a deep breath is easier said than done by millions of us. Covid-19 prevents many from taking deep breaths and, most sadly, more than 800,000 will never breath again.

2. There are two major forces in play:
A) the virus itself
B) human behaviour (misbehaviour) leading directly to the inability for many places to contain the disease, and, in fact, accelerating its spread. Continue reading “Homa Psychotherapy: Training the Mind”

Carla De Lourdes Díaz Guerrero | COVID19, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cirrhosis

(Foto: Carla Díaz)

 Carla De Lourdes Díaz Guerrero
Castilla, Piura, Peru, South America
I am 39 years old. I want to share with you a testimony about my 69-year-old mother. We took my mother, for reasons of corona virus prevention, to my sister’s house, because she handled the protection protocol better.
My mother is a vulnerable patient due to her age, her pulmonary fibrosis and her liver cirrhosis. Continue reading “Carla De Lourdes Díaz Guerrero | COVID19, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cirrhosis”

Elsa Ligia Mendoza | Osteoporosis, Rheumatism

Homa Center "La Zenaida" of
Medical Technologist Luis Carriel and his wife,
Homa Therapist, Sara Bustamante
Vinces, Los Ríos,
Ecuador, South America

     I am 76 years old. I suffered from Osteoporosis for years. I had so much pain in my hips and legs. I did the exams and the result was osteoporosis at a very advanced level.

(Photo: Elsa L. Mendoza) Continue reading “Elsa Ligia Mendoza | Osteoporosis, Rheumatism”