Homa Psychotherapy: Training the Mind

Training the Mind to react with Love and
make proper Decisions

By Barry Rathner, Clinical Psychologist

Though I intended to have this article be a continuation of the discussion of Fivefold Path, I have decided that the situation we all face with the pandemic makes it more important to discuss some issues related to this.
I shall return to the intended agenda in the near future.


Have you heard the joke about how our governments are meant to protect us in times of crisis—be it COVID-19 or CLIMATE CHANGE?

Dream on, fellow seekers and wannabe survivors.

THIS IS NOT A TEST. This is not a movie. All the woods, be they Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood are as clueless as our “leaders.” The fiction would be too strange to be thought of as fact. Continue reading “Homa Psychotherapy: Training the Mind”

Kelly Yulan Vera | Diabetes, Gangrene

(Photo: Kelly Vera)

Kelly Yulan Vera
Homa Center "La Zenaida"
Vinces, Los Ríos, Ecuador, South America
I was admitted to the University Hospital, where I was told that I needed a cleansing IV in order to undergo surgery the next day and to have my leg amputated above the knee, because my diabetes problem had advanced too much. I said no, that I wanted to go home to find another remedy. There, my brother-in-law told me that he would take me to Vinces, to a good doctor he knew there, who had already healed people. Continue reading “Kelly Yulan Vera | Diabetes, Gangrene”