Rosana Pilco Bola’s Healing

Chachapoyas, Amazonas
Peru, South America


“I am 30 years old. This is the third time I have come to Agnihotra. I was very sick. My tonsils were very swollen and hurt a lot. Previously, I suffered for weeks with this pain in my tonsils and I was telling a friend that I will go to the Hospital, because every time this happens I have to be hospitalized.”

The first day I attended Agnihotra, I took the Agnihotra ash. It took the pain away, although I was there for just a short time. At night, it began to hurt a little, but we did the Agnihotra the following morning and the pain was completely gone. And not only that pain, but the pain in my whole body. I also suffered with kidney stones for 3 years and I had a back ache, which did not allow me to sit for a month. And I could not walk, because my feet were swollen.

After these three Agnihotra sessions I feel like going to the gym. Nothing hurts. I had all these problems until 3 days ago. Now I feel good. This seems incredible, but it is true.”

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