Martha de Maya’s Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America

Placenta Detachment

“12 years ago, in the month of December, we began with the practice of Homa Therapy. We started doing Agnihotra daily. 8 or 9 years prior to that date I was operated on and my fallopian tubes were tied and since then I could no longer have children. My youngest son was 17 years old, my daughter was 20 and I was 40 years old.

Sofia, Lucas and Martha de Maya at sunrise Agnihotra

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Fanita Mendoza de Perez’ Story

Piura, Peru
South America

“Richardson-Steele-Olszewski” Syndrome

In the year 2000, Fanita suffered an automobile accident. Slowly, she was recovering from the accident, but she could not walk nor stand. In 2002, she traveled to France where further tests were done. She was diagnosed with the so-called “Richardson-Steele-Olszewski” Syndrome, an irreversible motor dysfunction caused by damage to certain nervous cells in the brain. She was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

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Noma Cosmos Story

New Mexico, USA


Noma Cosmos, 74 years of age, came to her first Agnihotra meeting in Albuquerque with a walking frame that also served at the same time as a wheelchair. Her hand was bandaged, due to an operation that had left her with pain and without the strength to hold a glass or do anything with her hand. She was suffering from pain all over her body for more than three years, but specially her back and arms hurt after an accident.

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