Luis Enrique Tuya’s Story

Lima, Peru,
South America

marijuana addiction

“I came to know Homa Therapy between 2003 and 2004. I practiced it for a month. I noticed that I got filled with peace and tranquility. Before, I was a very angry and bitter person. If someone said something to me I would react badly. I was taking Marijuana.”

“After practicing Homa Therapy for a month, that behavior disappeared completely and I felt a lot of peace within me. It was a peace that I could transmit to everyone and my family. I felt great and I left the Marijuana.”

“Then I stopped doing Agnihotra and I got polluted again. I was in bad shape. 3 years later, I got married, but the truth is that after leaving the Homas my life became a hell.”

“Recently, I realized my problem and I wanted to come closer to God. I tried to awaken my spiritual side. I never got Homa therapy out of my mind. I came here once and I did Agnihotra with Professor Humberto. Then I wanted to practice every day. I found peace. Now I realize that everything happens by the will of God. That I have very clear. Now I see things differently. Things just do not bother me much. This Homa Therapy makes you aware. Now I know how good it feels and I want to continue like this.”

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