14 y/o Girl from Himachal, India | Abscess

 Photo above and left:
The 14-year-old girl before receiving the Homa treatment, with an abscess that a doctor wanted to treat with antibiotics.

Manuela & Reiner Szcypior
Graz, Austria, Europe

Homa healing testimonials in Batamandi,
Paonta Sahib district,
Himachal Pradesh,

Photo below and left:
The girl was cured after receiving Homa treatment for 3 days:
– Direct application of Agnihotra ash
– and taking Agnihotra ash orally 3 times a day.

During the years of traveling and living in India, promoting Homa Therapy, we have witnessed many healings, which we have been able to see firsthand and also to share.

Photo left:
Reiner and his wife Manuela in their daily practice of Agnihotra.

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