Rafael Dietsch | Plantar fasciitis, Torn Muscles

Rafael Dietsch
West Palm Beach, FL, USA

          "I am 67 years. I participated in the Agnihotra session just now in the home of Ms. Miriam Molano.   My muscles are torn on both shoulders and I am attending physical therapy since last year. Since I have these tears, the neck muscles have to work harder and they really hurt. It happened during Agnihotra that I was entering into a deep relaxation and went off. When it all ended, I woke up.
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Jorge Alvarado | Back Pain

Jorge Alvarado
Guayaquil, Ecuador

             "I’m participating in Homa Therapy here at the Holistic Center "Vida Nueva" (New Life) of the couple Viviana Esteves and Mario.
         Even though I am a little skeptical, I have good experiences. The first time I participated in Homa Therapy, which by the way is offered as a free treatment, I had pain in my back and during the Therapy, while we were doing Mantras and meditation, suddenly, when I rearranged my sitting position, the pain was gone.
This caught my attention and I do come here every week to participate.

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Rocio Pazmiño Garrido de Obando | Myopia

Rocio Pazmiño Garrido de Obando
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

        "About 3-4 years ago, I constantly went to Dr. Jaime Montufars’ office to share Agnihotra.    I heard about the Agnihotra eye drops.    I asked the doctor for a bottle for I have had always the problem of myopia. Then I started using them as I was indicated by the doctor: 2 times a day, two drops in each eye. I did that for a few months and I had the feeling that I saw better. Then I stopped using them. After approx. one year, I went to an ophthalmologist to have the measurement done for some new glasses.

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