Homa Healing Sessions, Paul Nogier Polyclinic, Lima, Peru

Patients of the “Paul Nogier Polyclinic” in Carabayllo, Lima, Peru, South America are sharing their experiences after participating in the Homa Therapy sessions with Therapist, Edwin Cruzado Alayo (Monk Chen Ting).
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Mrs. Elisa Pacheco: We did Agnihotra, the sacred fire and I took the healing ash home to give to my daughter and my two grandchildren, who had quite a flu. It helped them a lot and quickly, especially to my grandson who couldn’t breathe and couldn’t expel phlegm. After 3 days, he is doing very well. My granddaughter says that she feels stronger and more energetic after taking the Agnihotra ash.

Mrs. María Huasi: I came to Homa Therapy for the first time 3 days ago. I came with pain in my eyes and the pain went away. I just participated in Agnihotra and felt like something passed through my eyes and it refreshed my vision. I no longer have pain. Today I came with a headache and it went away too. I also feel calmer, more active. I can do things more quickly and I feel better. I came to the Homa Therapy practically asleep and I had no energy whatsoever. These are nice experiences. Thanks.
Mrs. Dalila Mendoza: During Agnihotra, I felt a tingling in my head, as if someone was giving me a massage. Now I feel very relieved, very relaxed. And I felt a heat, for the first time. I felt this heat in my head. Thanks.
Mrs. Nilda Motta Pérez: I came with a numbness in the back part of my brain. When I was with my bare feet in front of the fire, I felt an electric current going up. Now I no longer have this numbness. I feel more awake and recharged. I arrived to the Homa Therapy session with a very bad mood and now I feel different. I am truly very surprised.
Mrs. Maribel Gómez: I entered this Fire Therapy with a very strong pain in the entire neck and I was like that for several days. The Fire that we were doing relaxed me and calmed the pain quite a bit. I was very stressed out. Now I am very relaxed. It has really helped me a lot and this is my first time attending.
Mrs. Isidora Pantoja: After the Fire Therapy, I feel so calm, so soft. I was breathing an aroma of flowers and I felt liberated from all the pain.
Mrs. Irma Vélez Moro: I came with very blurred and cloudy vision. Now I see clearly, oh God, but clearly, clearly, clearly. I can see with my eyes. Nothing is blurry anymore; I see so clearly. While the fire was burning, I had a feeling that my eyes were unclouding and clearing up. When I opened my eyes, I could see everything clearly.

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