Homa Healing Stories from Cuba

Renate Lechler sends the following Homa Healing stories from her trips to Cuba.

Odalys Révero Menéndez
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
      "I came to know about Homa Therapy through my daughter, who knew Mrs. Renate. I had a lot of pain in my body. I also was suffering from hot flushes due to the menopause. I started doing the Homa Fires and I felt improvement after one week. I do not have body aches any longer and the hot flushes disappeared little by little. Continue reading “Homa Healing Stories from Cuba”

Victor Camocha – Tonsilitis

Jaen, Cajamarca
Peru, South America


I am 48 years old. Our problem is related to our son Rodolfo who is 11 years old. He suffered with an infection in the tonsils. And talking about it with Engineer Luis Tafur, he explained to me the effects of Homa Therapy. He told us that he was working in Piura with Homa Therapy and that he has had very good experiences with this healing technique. Then I said I wanted to know more about it and he invited us over to his print shop for Agnihotra.

(Photo: Mr. Victor Camocha with his wife) Continue reading “Victor Camocha – Tonsilitis”

David Echevarria Aliaga’s Story

Nuevo Piura, Cajamarca, Peru
South America

high fever

“I am a teacher in a school in Nuevo Piura in the Department of Cajamarca. I suffered from high fever and tonsilitis. The medical doctors told me that my tonsils were rotten and that they could not operate me because my whole throat was like a big wound. They could not do anything for me. Due to the injections of Penicillin and Benzetacin I developed an allergy to many things, even water.”
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