Dolores Marisol Ordonez and son, Luis Guillermo’s Healing

Guayaquil, Ecuador
South America

Infantile Cerebral Palsy

“I have been coming here to Dr Montufar’s clinic for 7 months now and I have seen a lot of changes in my son. Luis is 9 years old and has Infantile Cerebral Palsy.”

He has never babbled, now he is trying to talk. He didn’t move his arms, he didn’t crawl, he didn’t walk, he couldn’t support his head. He was underweight (12 to 15 pounds) for many years. Now, his weight is 35 pounds. I have seen all these changes within 6 months. He attempts to walk, gets on and off the bed; he could not do that. He takes off his shoes, tries to dress himself and grabs a pencil with ease. He couldn’t do that. He sits firmly in his seat. He is in a normal school. The teachers are very amazed, because he is the first one to finish the work. I was surprised when they called me to tell me that my son was among the top 3 students. I couldn’t imagine that he was the first, but he was. When someone says ‘Om Shree,’ he brings his hands together. During these 6 months I have only spent $2 for treatment in this Homa clinic. Continue reading “Dolores Marisol Ordonez and son, Luis Guillermo’s Healing”

Irma Garay’s Story

Lima, Peru
South America


“I am a graduate in Psychology. But it seems that God likes psychologists to be tested. God gave me the opportunity to face the situation of my daughter’s mental health at an early age. My girl showed problems of aggression and hyperactivity and she took “Ritalin” when she was small. She was also taking 5 pills of Carbamazipine daily until I found Homa Therapy. She also took other medications in order to be controlled.”

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Jovanah Arroyo Munioz’ Story

Guayaquil, Ecuador,
South America

Chronic Gastritis

“I was suffering from chronic gastritis for 5 years and had lots of gases. I visited many gastro-enterologists and they prescribed me treatment for ‘pylori’ bacteria. But these gases were also in my chest and I thought I had a problem with my heart. I immediately went to the cardiologist who prescribed me sleeping pills. I could not sleep for the chest pain kept me awake.

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