Maria Ester Farias | Menstrual Problems

Maria Ester Farias
Nurse Educator at  National University Misiones (UNAM)
Posadas, Misiones, Argentina, South America

 Before coming to Homa Therapy, I had gone to the gynecologist because I had fibroid problems in the uterus and my endometrium was thickening and I was not menstruating. I could spend several months without menstruating. Due to this, I had to be operated. At the last check-up, the gynecologist told me that there was thickening again, and that we would wait for December to repeat the ultrasound and I most likely had to go back to the operating room, if the menstruation did not come. (Photo: María Ester Farias) Continue reading “Maria Ester Farias | Menstrual Problems”