Victor Camocha – Tonsilitis

Jaen, Cajamarca
Peru, South America


I am 48 years old. Our problem is related to our son Rodolfo who is 11 years old. He suffered with an infection in the tonsils. And talking about it with Engineer Luis Tafur, he explained to me the effects of Homa Therapy. He told us that he was working in Piura with Homa Therapy and that he has had very good experiences with this healing technique. Then I said I wanted to know more about it and he invited us over to his print shop for Agnihotra.

(Photo: Mr. Victor Camocha with his wife)

Truly my son was very ill. Because of the inflammation of the tonsils he could hardly breathe. The doctor told me that my son was in a bad shape and that this will affect his development and that it was imperative to operate him quickly.

So, my wife started to go with him every day for the morning and evening Agnihotra at Eng. Luis Tafurs’ print shop. Also all of us took the Agnihotra ash with fruit juice daily.

After 10 days we returned to the hospital and the doctor said ‘we will do everything so we can do the surgery now.’ But my wife said, ‘Wait a minute, Doctor could you see if he’s OK?’ And he said that 10 days could not have changed anything, but he still examined him. The Doctor opened Rodolfo’s mouth and he did not see any problem. He then said, ‘Oh my gosh, what happened here? Did you give him the medicine that I prescribe? ‘And she said she had not given him anything, but Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra ash. He said ‘tell me more.’ Then she explained a little and the doctor said ‘OK, if it has healed him, continue with this therapy.’

And another interesting thing happened to my wife. She does not like to run. But I have suggested to her to exercise, and to take advantage that our child likes football and loves to run. But she was afraid that after running all her body would be in pain. Anyway, after practicing the Homa fires, she changed her mind and went to exercise with him. She ran one lap, two laps around the stadium, three laps, four laps and the next day there was no pain at all. She has been running like that for four days. I am a soccer player and after a workout like that, the next day, every muscle aches. This is really incredible. And so we practice daily Agnihotra, because we know it is good.

My wife, with this therapy does all the house work herself. She gets up early, washes, cooks, cleans, shops, etc. We have no employee to help her. She has become very active. If it is Gods wish, I will stick to Homa Therapy for the rest of my life. When I don’t do it, I miss it. This is true because we have seen the effects in our family and we do not need to lie.

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