Irene García Rodríguez | Sinusitis, Varicose Veins

Irene García Rodríguez
Social Security Hospital (EsSalud) Ventanillas
Lima North, Peru, South America

       "I’m 57 years old. I did an experiment mixing one teaspoon of Agnihotra ash with cold boiled water, which I put in a dropper. Since I suffered from sinusitis, I put a couple of drops into each nostril. The doctor had told me that there was need to place some tubes into my nostrils for drainage because I was not able to breathe.
I applied these Homa drops for 15 days, once a day, mostly before going to bed. Holy remedy! I got completely well.
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Tito Lopez Montes’ Story

Antonio Sotomayor, Ecuador
South America

kidney infection
urinary tract infection
heart problems
high blood pressure
high cholesterol
high triglyceride levels
rheumatic pains

“The medical doctors told me, that I had a renal infection in the urinary tract and an intestinal infection. I usually had difficulties urinating. It took me sometimes 15 to 20 minutes to urinate. Sometimes I urinated a lot and I felt a relief, but sometimes I only urinated a little and stayed in pain. I suffered with this for 15 years. I was taking antibiotics every 15 to 20 days, because I could feel the heat from the kidneys in my back. Also my legs were falling asleep. Sometimes, when I didn’t have a stick at hand, I fell on the floor. I had to sit there for a while till my legs became alive again.”

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Gladys Guevara’s Story

Popayan, Cauca, Colombia
South America


“We came yesterday to the SENA and I brought my 9 year old grandchild, Brian Alexis Flores Guevara, for the Massive Healing with Agnihotra. He suffered from chronic sinusitis for 6 years. He could not sleep and he could not live without the inhalers.”

“Last night, when we arrived home, I decided “no inhaler tonight”. Since he sleeps in a separate room, I got up 3 times to check on him but he was in deep sleep. He didn’t need the inhaler. Usually, he needs it every night. He took the Agnihotra ash last night and he slept the whole night without the inhaler! Now, he is well. Thank God.” Continue reading “Gladys Guevara’s Story”