Víctor Mariano | Senile Dementia, Insomnia

(Photo: Mr. Victor Mariano and Dr. Lilibeth behind him.)

Víctor Mariano
Piura, Peru, South America

   Dra. Lilibeth Villamizar writes:
Mr. Víctor Mariano, 93 years old, was not lucid or clear-minded, he did not listen well and he did not speak well. He was urinating in bed and could not sleep at night.

On Saturday, three days ago, he came to my office and participated in Agnihotra. Now, he is sleeping well. He bathes by himself. He already speaks. He even says his full name and one can talk with him. He has improved his senile dementia.
Today, he is attending Homa Therapy for the second time.
   The doctors had prescribed him sleeping pills, but he was so unstable that he was given two pills but still, he could not sleep.
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