Agnihotra Causes Instant Reduction in WIFI EMF Radiation in Our Home

Ellen and Mark
Hunter Valley, NSW
I had bought an EMF meter prior because I was suffering intense migraines every day for many years. The radiation levels in our house were between 100 -200 mG (milligauss). I was not a full believer in Agnihotra at this time as I always like to research new ideas and find proof for myself.

We took Agnihotra seriously and performed 2 sunrise and 1 sunset Agnihotra fires in the first few days. Then I tried the EMF digital reader. I was absolutely shocked! It didn’t go higher than 0.003! It gave me goose bumps, I even changed the batteries thinking it was faulty. Mark, my partner, didn’t believe me, till he saw it for himself. To our surprise Agnihotra made the high radiation levels in our house disappear!!

It has been around six months we have been performing Agnihotra. My Chronic migraines have healed completely.

Mrs. Varsha B. | Infertility, Protection

Mrs. Varsha B.
Durban, South Africa

     The practice of Agnihotra has brought us many benefits. And reading the testimonials in the HomaHealth Newsletters, have inspired us over the years. We are grateful and blessed to have come to know this ancient knowledge of Agnihotra. Our home is calm and doing and looking at the Agnihotra fire gives us peace of mind.

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