Prof. Lastenia Baca Campos’ Story

Lonya Grande,
Peru, South America

menopausal problems
muscular pain

“I had a lot of stress and anxiety and with the practice of Agnihotra my life has changed. I feel better. I also had some kind of menopausal problems. My body ached all over and my sister told me that a Cuban doctor could cure me, but it will cost me 500 soles per month. It was an inflammation of muscles, bones and cartilage. I had taken medication for this, but it didn’t help.

After 3 month of practicing Agnihotra, all the pain went away. I was taking just very little Agnihotra ash. Maybe that’s the reason why it took 3 months. I have seen people getting this result in a shorter time.

Now, I’m fine and without any pain in my body. If I take some cold drink and my throat hurts, I do Agnihotra and take its ash and I´m fine. It’s better than taking any other medicines.

Based on this experience, I have begun to recommend Homa Therapy to my family. For example, my brother Helmer in Tarapoto was stressed out and tired. With Agnihotra he feels at ease. My sister had a tumor in the breast and after being operated by an oncologist in Lima, she got worse. After doing Homa Therapy for 15 days and taking an herb called ‘arrosillo del campo’, the tumor almost disappeared.

Also, there was a woman who suffered with chronic polymyositis. She was a hopeless case. In the beginning, she was treated with steroids and she felt better. Later, she got worse and her sister told me that she was going to die because she would have to take too much steroids. Her skin was getting darker (black) and swollen. She was getting bigger. The sick lady decided to stop taking the corticosteroids. She had given up. She was terminal. So I went to do Agnihotra at her home and surprisingly, after a few days, her skin had cleared up and swelling of her arms disappeared. Now she started to move and she can see and talk better.

Her name is Olga Cubas Delgado and she is 50 years old. We were amazed about the changes we could see from the beginning.” (Picture above shows Prof. Lastenia with Mrs. Olga in front of the Agnihotra fire.)

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