Pralladsingh Bholu’s Healing

Badiya village, District: Khargone
Madhya Pradesh, India


Pralladsingh Bholu was suffering from asthma for 10 years. He was taking medicines twice a day. Since last year his problem with asthma aggravated and he was forced to use an inhaler.
His asthma was so chronic that he was even unable to talk for long periods of time. He was using the inhaler almost every day. Many times while walking he needed to sit down to catch his breath.

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Ruth Marithza Rincon’s Story

Bucaramanga, Colombia
South America

unruly children

“I know Homa Therapy for hardly one week and after the first Agnihotra session I took some Agnihotra ash home. In my house I have a very special case. I have a brother that has been a drunk all his life. He is not an aggressive drunk, but he drinks every day. In my heart I said, if this ash can do miracles, it should do it in my home.”

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