José Serrano | Allergies

José Serrano
Churriana, Málaga,
Spain, Europe

      I am 67 years old. Since I was a child, I have always had allergy problems and I have related it to the atmospheric pollution and permanent contamination of our natural environment. I have been very sensitive to contamination in general terms. When I was a child, I sneezed a lot. It was something uncontrollable. At that time, there were no paper towels and I used to spend 7, 8 up to 10 handkerchiefs a day and then washed them for reuse on another day. I sneezed thousands and thousands of times.
   (Photo: Mr. José practicing Agnihotra.)

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Homa Psychotherapy: Training the Mind


By Barry Rathner, Clinical Psychologist

Last month I wrote about thriving as a goal—not mere surviving.
Life, it seems, has a way of influencing our agendas and the phase we seem to be in currently—individually and collectively—seems to have surviving being in the driver’s seat.
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