Maria Isabel Viera’s Story

Piura, Peru
South America

Cerebral Palsy

I am Maria Isabel Viera and I am 47 years old. I have a son who is 5 ½ years old. His name is José Manuel. I bring my child every day to the Hospital Reategui for Homa Therapy so he can recover. He was born with Cerebral Palsy.

He was always very scared and afraid. I could not take him outside because he would start choking, like drowning, because of his asthma. He could not lift his head. He slipped and fell many times. He had no strength in his legs. He did not move his arms and his wrists were always bent with tight fists. Now, he stretches his fingers and hands. One hand has straightened perfectly.

I’ve been bringing him here for 18 days now and he has been taking the Agnihotra ash three times a day with water or his soya milk. I also noticed that his sight is improving. Before, it seemed that he could not see me. When I called him he did not look at me directly. His eyes were crossed. Now his eyes look straighter. He can also sit alone, before he could not. I had to hold him really tight, otherwise he would slip away. Also now, he lets me do my work; before he was crying constantly and I could not do anything, not even cook. I had to carry him all the time. It seemed he cried out for no reason. None of my older children nor my husband could quiet him, only I could. Now I can do my activities in the house, even wash.

I would say to another mother with a child like mine to come to Homa Therapy, because it is true that children get healed here. First, I heard about it at the International Forum of Homa Therapy at the “Univesidad Nacional de Piura” (National University of Piura). On the fourth day with Homa Therapy, I realized that my son was getting better, because he started to sleep better. Before, if his brothers spoke or made some noise, he woke up desperately and he would cry. Now he sleeps, even with noise. And because of all that, I continue bringing him to the free Homa Therapy sessions.

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