Edardio Piedrahita Morante’s Story

Vinces, Ecuador
South America


“I have lived with emphysema for nearly 30 years. There was a point, when my health became very critical. I could not sleep and I could not laugh, I could not talk, because I lacked air.”

“I had to be careful of things, of smoke, of powder, of dust, forbidden to go to the mills, to pass places where people paint, make furniture, etc. When Eng. Hernan Pozas invited me to a field trip about Homa Farming in Peru, I remember I was afraid to go into the Homa huts because of the smoke.”

“When I returned to Ecuador, Dr Carriel invited me to the Agnihotra in the Homa Center on the farm ‘La Zenaida,’ close to Vinces. I attended and he told me to come closer to the fire, that nothing bad will happen and that the smoke will cure me. I always carried 2 or 3 sprays with me for emergency. Because if I didn’t carry the sprays, my life was in danger from a cardio-respiratory attack. I thought, since I was very well armed with my sprays, I would take the risk.”

“So I entered into the smoke and I began to breathe slowly as instructed. And instead of feeling the problem in my lungs, I felt a relief. I waited for the reaction of my disease, which always came, when I came near smoke. After 30 minutes to 4 hours I would have a tremendous crisis. I was prepared with my sprays, ready for the reaction. But, it never came!!!! The “crisis” never came again. Now I come close to the fire, I am the first one lighting the Agnihotra pyramid fire daily at the ‘Zenaida’ farm.”

“I also want to add something about the healing of the cancerous sores that I had on my arm. They were diagnosed as skin cancer and they were bleeding. Now there are only the scars of this disease, as you can see, they are no longer bleeding. I can rub my arm strongly and no more blood! Here on my hand I had a growth like a crust on the skin, it was big and every time I removed it, it would return. Now only the scar is left, as you can see, a small trace of the damage on the skin.”

“Now, I have become a promoter of Homa Therapy. I am ready and I want to help to spread the Homa healings.”

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