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Maria Silva Becerra | Panic attacks, Insomnia

Maria Silva Becerra and her son Anderson Jara Silva
EsSalud Policlinic Carabayllo
Lima North,

    "I am 43 years old and my son is 10 years old. He could not sleep alone. I had to sleep with him. He had panic. It was like a nightmare. If I was not with him, he came into our bed and slept between my husband and me. He was frightened. Thanks to God and Homa Therapy, now he can sleep alone.

Xiomara Machado and Antonio Conde | Insomnia, Hypertension, Anxiety

Xiomara Machado
Antonio Conde
Puerto Real, Cadiz, Spain


"I started Homa Therapy one year ago.
        I had trouble sleeping, but since we are practicing Homa, I sleep well. 
    I had sleeping problems all my life. I was taking sleeping pills, but they did nothing.

Maria Montes | Headache and Insomnia

Polyclinic EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, South America

I am 31 years old. Starting this year, in January, I felt a strong and intense pain in the head that reached down the neck. I went to the doctor and he had analyses done. Afterwards, I was told that apparently I had nothing and that it was stress that was causing this pain. I also suffered from insomnia.

Then I went to Dr. Jorge Torres, psychologist in this hospital in Comas, and he said that a good choice would be Homa Therapy. It was a new experience in my life. I had never heard or seen anything like this, neither on cable TV nor on regular television.

I found it to be something spectacular, because I understood that sunlight was used in this process. I found this fabulous, because I started to feel totally different.

I took the ash and felt like a new person. My headache and insomnia disappeared.

Rosa Castrejon | Diabetes

Polyclinic EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru, South America

I am 52 years old. I suffered from insomnia and deep depression and I was diabetic for the last 2-3 years. And I could not get out of this and had to take drugs.

When I started the Homa treatment in the hospital and took the healing Agnihotra ash, I began to sleep well and I stopped taking pills.

My sugar level always was between 300-380. By taking the Agnihotra ash, it began to fall slowly more and more without medication.

I am now stable at 109 and 110 and my blood sugar level does not go over or under these values. I feel good and do not need to take any pills.

Maria Posadas Villar | Allergy, Insomnia, Constipation, Headache

Cajamarca, Peru,
South America

I am 47 years old. Initially, when I heard about Homa Therapy, I did not know what to make of it, but my curiosity took hold of me to have a closer look.

I had the problem that whenever I came close to smoke, my eyes became irritated. The doctors said it was probably an allergy, because every time I was in front of smoke, my eyes became red as blood. So I was afraid to get close to smoke. When I came here to the Cabildo Hostel in order to participate in Homa Therapy, I realized that there was fire and smoke and I thought "this is not for me, definitely." But I calmed down a bit because I was sitting at a safe distance from the Fire and I thought it would not be much of a problem.

I also had come with severe headache. I saw the Homa presentation, participated in Agnihotra and went home. I do not know what happened, but when I arrived at my house, nothing hurt. So I thought maybe because I relaxed profoundly the pain had disappeared.

Ana Grace Mosquera's Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America


"I am 60 years old. I was with you at the Homa Festival in the SENA Institute of Armenia. My problem was very serious. I could not sleep. I suffered from insomnia."

Simon Pérez' Story

Castilla, Piura, Peru
South America


"I am 55 years old. I was suffering from insomnia and hyperactivity for a long time. 3 months ago I started practicing the Homa fires. Now, I feel very calm, peaceful and I can sleep better."

Eduardo Vasquez Vasquez | Gastritis & Fatty Liver

Piura, Peru
South America

fatty liver

"I am 63 years old and a farmer. I'm practicing Homa Therapy since February 2011. I have come to practice Homa Therapy within the department of Complementary Medicine in the Hospital Reategui of Piura."

Hilda Portocarrero's Story

Piura, Peru
South America

kidney failure
loss of appetite

"I am 62 years old. I came to Homa Therapy with a deep depression; I felt that I was dying. I saw everything dark. I could not sleep and had no appetite. But from day one with Homa Therapy, I felt better and I began to sleep well."

Amilcar Nayra Surita's Story

Huancabamba, Peru
South America


Eng. Luis Tafur, Homa promoter shares the following experience:

"Mr. Amilcar Nayra Surita, agricultural technician of the Municipality of Carmen de la Frontera, capital Sapalache, purchased his Agnihotra kit in Piura. He has been practicing Agnihotra daily at sunrise and sunset since March 15th in the city of Huancabamba."

Maria Victoria Dominguez Correa's Story

Tacala, Castilla
Peru, South America

foot pain

I am 62 years old and 2 days ago I participated in the Agnihotra in the Tacala Health Center. I had had a headache for over a month and could not sleep for more than a week. With this pain in my brain, I walked like a crazy person.

Ascension Rojas Baca's Healing

Piura, Peru
South America

joint pain

"I am 73 years old and I am a sportsman, I am an athlete. On August 11th 2003 I began with Homa Therapy in Piura. The first day I came to the Homa Therapy session in the Hospital Reategui, I truly didn't understand anything because I was half deaf. The following day, a Tuesday, I understood more or less a little something. The third day I felt in my left ear a sound like "clack" and like "shhhh" and from that moment on my hearing is much better."

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