Nathalia Sullon Rivas | Migraine, Insomnia

Nathalia Sullon Rivas
Piura, Peru, South America

        I’m 45 years old. Before knowing Homa Therapy, I took many different medications for the migraine headaches. When the pills did not have any effect, I had migraine crisis with vomiting and the sensation of a burning head. I had to receive an intravenous injection. These injections also had their side effects. I lived through terrible situations. Many analyzes were done. I dragged this migraine along for over 15 years.
   Apart from that, I had a light sleep and I blame my explosive character on that. With the coming of the pandemic this was accentuated further. However, I always searched for improvements in my health and asked God to help me find that improvement.

   Then I met Homa Therapy in the Quiñones Park, while walking with my husband Percy, trying to clear our minds. We saw that on Saturdays, a group of people gathered to make small fires and all were sitting in a circle. After a few weeks, I finally dared to ask what this was about. That is when we met Prof. Abel and Aleta. They explained it to us, and invited us to participate in the Homa Therapy sessions in the different places in Piura.
At first, I was a bit incredulous, however I noticed since the first time I participated, that I started to sleep better. And over the course of one week, I stopped taking little by little the medications.

Now, after almost 3 months of attending all the Homa encounters, I stopped taking pills, I sleep better and I feel much better. At the beginning, it was 2 times a week, now, it is 4 meetings per week. For one week, we have our own Agnihotra kit and we have started practicing it at home too.
    I give gratitude to God for having given us the opportunity to get to know this wonder, which is changing our lives to the better, which is showing us the way towards a life with more harmony, more understanding, more peace and tranquility. I pray to be able to continue with this practice and be able to help others. 
(Photo: Nathalia Sullon in front of her Agnihotra fire.)

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