Guillermo Estrada | Anxiety, Fearful, Insomnia

(Photo: Guillermo Estrada)

Guillermo Estrada
Piura, Peru, South America

    I am 63 years old. I am just starting with Homa Therapy. As a result of this whole Covid situation that we are experiencing, I got psychologically ill. I was full of fear, I didn’t want to eat. I lost weight. I was cold despite being well dressed and covered. After visiting a doctor from EsSalud (Peru’s official health service), who monitors elderly people, some exams were done. My glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides level were somewhat elevated. After hearing this, my fear took more hold of me and I felt bad, bad, bad. I was restless, anxious.

But since I can’t take medicines for I get allergic reactions, I was referred to Complementary Medicine Department. I started taking herbs and drops. Finally, I was sent to the psychologist, Dra. Marisol.
On our second appointment, she recommended me to assist in Homa Therapy sessions. I had no idea what that is. When Prof. Abel arrived at the Rehabilitation Center of the PNP (National Police of Peru), where the Homa fires are done regularly, I recognized him, because 20 years ago my wife had been attending Homa Therapy for a while until she had recovered from her problem. At the time, I was working far away and was not constantly in Piura.  From the following session on, my wife accompanies me and we even found her Agnihotra kit.

After the second Agnihotra session, I realized that I slept very well, my wife too. I only woke up once, usually I would wake up 3-4 times. At 3 in the morning, I still couldn’t sleep. At 5 am, I was just falling asleep. It was a terrible thing, because it mortified her too.

I am realizing that these fires are a wonderful thing. I’ve only been attending for one month, but I’m really feeling how beneficial it is. I feel calmer, more relaxed. These fears no longer haunt me, that I might get sick, or if I would be operated, or if I’m going to become old and useless. No, absolutely nothing. Those fears have disappeared completely. I feel quite energetic. I feel as if I have found something that was long lost inside of me.
Thanks to Homa Therapy, I feel that I am in good hands. So much so, that just by being here with the Homa family, I feel happy, I feel content. It gives me a joy that I didn’t know was hidden somewhere inside.

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