Yovana Calle Vásquez | Depression, Insomnia and Anxiety

(Photo: Yovana Calle)

Yovana Calle Vásquez
Social Development Management of the Provincial Municipality of Piura
Los Tallanes, Piura, Peru, South America

    I am 39 years old. I have a son named Salvador. I came very desperate to Homa Therapy. I had prayed to God to connect me with people who could help me. I have suffered for years with depression and anxiety.
Then, one lady, also waiting in line for a doctor consultation, asked me why I came, and I told her my story. She told me about a very good therapy which had helped her with her sleeping problem. I also had this problem. I could hardly sleep. I was irritated, and I could not handle my son.

That very same day I went with Salvador to the Homa Therapy session at the Municipal Library and I began to feel calmer. I sleep peacefully now and I sleep a lot, like never before in years; and my son too. Now, we get along better and little by little my level of anxiety is lowering. But I already feel calmer, more relaxed. I have lost weight too and I feel that the Homa Fires do me good. I even feel that the pain in my chest, due to the many problems, is melting like a candle and leaving me. I feel also more love and more understanding. I can tolerate more things that I did not before.I’m calmer. Now I feel peace. When the time for Agnihotra approaches, I am unable to stay at home, I have to come to the Homa Therapy sessions. And my son asks me: ”Mama give me my ash.” He is also doing well in school and we understand each other better.
I feel that Homa Therapy is very good for me. And I am going to get my own Agnihotra kit.

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