Yovanna Calle Vásquez | Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia

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Yovanna Calle Vasquez
Piura, Peru, South America
I started with the practice of Homa Therapy more than two years ago, soon it will be three. I am 41 years old and I was born in Piura. I am a teacher. I am married and I have a son named Salvador. All my problems started when I was in the saddest moments of my life. At that time, I was 15 years old. That’s when my depression and anxiety began. I had a terrible family relationship with my mother. I had intermittent crisis episodes for many years. There were stretches of time when I had to go to the psychologist and I improved for a time.

There was also a time when I went to the psychiatrist, but the medications were too strong and they hurt me by generating tremors in my body.
Also, for a time I did acupuncture therapy and others that the psychologist told me to do. I got better for a while and then relapsed. That, added to the family problems with my mother and my brothers and especially with my sister, made me suffer a lot. I had periods of insomnia and despair especially when I became a mother. That’s why I sought the support of an aunt to help me raise my child until he was almost 4 years old.

Almost three years ago, when I had another strong crisis, I went to the ‘Hospital Reategui’ and while I was waiting for my turn, I talked to a lady, whom I consider an angel, and I told her about my problems and she suggested that I go to the Homa Therapy session, which are free of charge. It was in the late afternoon when she told me that this therapy was done at sunset in the Municipal Library of Piura, which was nearby and there was little time left. I went there with my son Salvador. We both learned about Homa Therapy. The following days I attended again and I liked it because my insomnia improved and I could sleep and started feeling better. So, I decided to practice Homa Therapy with more discipline and take the Agnihotra ash.
I saw improvements not only physically, but also spiritually.
I prayed to God for answers and wanted to improve on a spiritual level. Thus, I came to the different places where Homa Therapy was performed and while I did it, I cried at the beginning and at the end. I was looking for spiritual answers and I was getting them, either by reading or perhaps in something I heard or with a report, etc. I found answers.
Once, returning from an Agnihotra session, I met my mother and from the bottom of my heart I looked at her and said “I forgive you”. She was surprised and I felt that this had taken a great pain out of my soul.

As I continue to do Homa Therapy, I have not taken any medications for stress nor anxiety.
I continued to do the healing Homa fires and even the relationships with my brothers changed and improved. I did not speak to my sister for years and this was a great suffering for me. Now we have a beautiful relationship. I have forgiven her and she has forgiven me.
My son also practices Homa Therapy and my family inquires if I have done Homa Therapy. Now, even my husband, who at first was reluctant to these healing fires, asks me if the time to do Agnihotra is approaching.

With Homa Therapy, the luminous fires and the healing Agnihotra ash, I find peace and tranquility. I feel that my physical and above all, my spiritual life has improved. I keep improving in my spirituality.  I feel that I get much closer to the higher being every time I do the healing fires. With these Homa Fires, I protect my family, my house and help others. I feel that my solidarity and compassion to other human beings has expanded.

I bless and thank that angel who crossed my life and made me know Homa Therapy. Thanks also to Prof. Abel and Aleta as they fulfill a very beautiful mission, which is to teach the Homa healing fires and improve humanity.
Om Shree Om

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