Florangel Aguirre | Insomnia

Florangel Aguirre,
Huanuco, Peru,
South America

     I have one month with the Agnihotra practice, although not consecutively. But it has turned out to be very beneficial. I had the problem that my mind was very restless; it did not allow me to be calm. I could not sleep due to this. It was very difficult because my mind was spinning and turning around with so many ideas. It made me travel to the past, to the future, and sometimes I even had bad thoughts.

But thanks to Homa Therapy and Monk Chen, who taught me Agnihotra, now my mind is calmer. This allows me to rest and sleep well. Thanks to the practice of Homa Therapy I reached the mental tranquility that I needed. This is my personal experience!
(Photo: Florangel)

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