Isabel Cristina Cordova | Migraine, Insomnia and Kidney Problems

Isabel Cristina Cordova
Primary Care Center of Carabayllo EsSalud Paul Nogier,
Complementary Medicine Service
Carabayllo, Lima North, Peru, South America
My biggest problems were migraine, insomnia and kidney problems; my creatinine level was high. With migraine, I had suffered for more than 10 years, and with depression for 4 to 5 years.
I came to Homa Therapy, invited by Dr. Jorge Torres, and I started experiencing changes. First, the migraine pains diminished and my sleep got much better. Then, as the last analyzes show, my creatinine level is now normal.

I feel that I have recovered a lot, I feel that Homa Therapy for me is food, which strengthens me and fills me with energy. The psychological part, of which doctor Jorge talks to us, is a complement that makes me stronger. And as many already know, Homa Therapy fills us with happiness.
This is what Agnihotra makes me feel: happy and calm!

(Photo: Isabel Cristina Cordova with Dr. Jorge Torres)

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