Homa Healing Stories from Cuba

Renate Lechler sends the following Homa Healing stories from her trips to Cuba.

Odalys Révero Menéndez
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
      "I came to know about Homa Therapy through my daughter, who knew Mrs. Renate. I had a lot of pain in my body. I also was suffering from hot flushes due to the menopause. I started doing the Homa Fires and I felt improvement after one week. I do not have body aches any longer and the hot flushes disappeared little by little.

I also take the Agnihotra ash with water every day. I have received enormous blessings through Homa Therapy."
(Photos: 1) Mrs. Odalys Reveró 2) Mrs. Renate, who teaches the Homa healing Fires on her trips to Cuba)

Yamila Cano Rivero
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
"I started practicing Homa Therapy through my friend Renate. I had a problem with tonsillitis and during the crises’ I felt horrible. I suffered from headache, fever, weakness and I could not eat.
My therapy was based on medicines and injections. Nevertheless, it did not help me to improve my health. However, thanks to the practice of Homa Therapy, I have never again had these problems. I also take the Agnihotra ash. Homa Therapy gives me energy."    
(Photo: Ms. Yamila)

Miriam Rivero Menéndez
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
"I have always had problems with my eyes. They were shedding many tears and in the afternoons my vision was super blurry.
Since I started attending the Agnihotra Fire and using the eye drops prepared with Agnihotra ash, I have improved a lot and I no longer need to use the glasses all day, but only for reading.
Thanks to Agnihotra, my eyes are no more tearing. I do take its healing ash orally and I feel great the whole day."
(Photo: Mrs. Miriam Rivero)

Alexis Martínez Gómez
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
      "I suffered from back pain for years. I have been using drugs for the pain because it made it impossible for me to sleep. I felt a strong pressure on the nerves and the pain was desperate. I could not stand or lie down. I had no peace.
Now, I have practiced Agnihotra for several months, thanks to a neighbor. I take its healing ash orally and also prepare the ointment with ghee (clarified butter) to apply on the back.
Now I can sleep perfectly without any obstacle. This is more than a miracle for me."
   (Photo: Mr. Alexis Martínez)

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