David Echevarria Aliaga’s Story

Nuevo Piura, Cajamarca, Peru
South America

high fever

“I am a teacher in a school in Nuevo Piura in the Department of Cajamarca. I suffered from high fever and tonsilitis. The medical doctors told me that my tonsils were rotten and that they could not operate me because my whole throat was like a big wound. They could not do anything for me. Due to the injections of Penicillin and Benzetacin I developed an allergy to many things, even water.”

“Then Engineer Luis Tafur invited us to Piura and we participated in the Homa fire. As soon as I returned home, I started Agnihotra. After one month of practice, I was completely healed and till today (4 years later) I am healthy. All these problems have disappeared thanks to the healing Homa Fires.”

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