Patricia de la Espiella’s Story

Weston, Florida


“I suffered from a vegetable and fruit allergy. When I ate these, my throat closed up. I had this problem for many years. Even a Medical Doctor, Dr. Lama, who is famous here, told my husband Oscar, that the best thing I could do was to buy a gun and kill myself, because there was no way to control this allergy.

Then a friend who saw me with swollen eyes, a realtor, said to me “I’m taking you to Homa Therapy and there you do not have to believe anything. It is not a religion.

“So I went. I participated in Agnihotra, took the Agnihotra ash and I was cured for 10 years! For 10 years I did not have any problems at all! That was amazing.
But then the allergy returned. At that time I met Dr. Mario Chavez and he gave me some Agnihotra ash and said that I had to take it for at least for 21 days.

“Before this time had passed I was in a store where they were cutting a mango and I ate a piece without thinking. But then I got worried and waited for the reaction, which did not come. Then I said I’m going to test if I am healed with a grape and just in case I also put a glass of water and the medication next to it. Then I ate one, two, three grapes and nothing happened. The last test was with watermelon and again nothing happened. Now I also started practicing Agnihotra and I eat anything.”

The whole family is gathered around the Agnihotra fire in the backyard. Patricia also observed that her plants and herbs grow better since she applies Agnihotra ash water.

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