Renzo Gambirazio’s Story

Palm Beach,
Florida, USA

Multiple Allergies

Renzo’s mother tells the story: “My son Renzo suffered from multiple allergies and he could not eat anything.”

“Since I started doing Agnihotra in my house, he improved immediately.
Now, he eats almost everything and he has no more eczema.
If he gets a little red spot I put Agnihotra ash on the skin and he wakes up healed.
I also feed him the Agnihotra ash and luckily he takes it without any problem.
I am very satisfied with the results of Homa Therapy not only in my son, but in all of the family.
There is something like a positive vibration and of course I and my husband are overjoyed to see this improvement in our little sweetheart.
Homa Therapy is something that we will practice from now on as long as God allows it.”

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