Alicia del Canto’s Story

Valera, Venezuela
South America


I work as a medical intern in a Social Security Hospital in Valera, and for quite some time I have been suffering from astigmatism-hypermetrophy and I would see many dots and little black lines known as scotomas in medical terms.

One day while examining one patient’s eyes I noticed that I no longer needed to use a +5 lens on the ophthalmoscope but instead I needed a lens of lesser magnification, +3. This surprised me very much. When I finished examining patients that day I started to perform a self-evaluation, attempting to find out what had happened to my scotomas. When I fixed my sight on a white wall my surprise was even greater when I became aware that the scotomas had decreased by a very considerable amount. What was happening to me? I did not know how to give a ‘scientific’ reply to such a question, but there was the ophthalmoscope. If I used the +5 lens my vision was blurred. This was the lens I always used and I no longer needed it. I repeated the operation innumerable times and I became convinced; my vision had improved by two diopters.

I had been attending performance of Agnihotra for only 12 days when I discovered that my vision had inexplicably improved.

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