Jovanah Arroyo Munioz’ Story

Guayaquil, Ecuador,
South America

Chronic Gastritis

“I was suffering from chronic gastritis for 5 years and had lots of gases. I visited many gastro-enterologists and they prescribed me treatment for ‘pylori’ bacteria. But these gases were also in my chest and I thought I had a problem with my heart. I immediately went to the cardiologist who prescribed me sleeping pills. I could not sleep for the chest pain kept me awake.

As the years passed and my health got worse, I saw many specialists. When I had pain in my abdomen, I thought it was caused by the ovaries and went to the gynecologist, I also went to the neurologist, to the urologist and I also met the otolaryngologist because I had problems in my throat. Sometimes I woke up at night because I could not move my tongue, it was locked, my ears also hurt a lot. The ENT specialist told me I had a cyst in my throat that had to be removed.

Also 2 years ago, the gynecologist told me that the uterus had to be removed. I was also to be operated for a cyst in the kidney. And at the end, they sent me to make an appointment with the psychologist. I thought I would die because I had so many problems and was under high stress. I lived with anxiety. I called my mom every day to ask for her blessings for I thought I would die. I was in tears many times. I even did tests to see if I had AIDS. I made a lung CAT scan. It seemed like I had a lung tumor.

But 3 months ago, I read in the magazine of the newspaper “El Universo” a report that came out about Homa Therapy. Then my husband brought me here to the Homa Medical Center “The Good Shepherd” and I started to come daily to the Agnihotra and began to regain my weight. Now my friends see me chubbier. Before my friends thought I was going to die (I was too thin). I told them that I found HOMA Therapy and that this is what cured me. Instead of plain water, I always drink water with Agnihotra ash. I also take the Agnihotra ash with juices. I do Agnihotra in the morning and my husband does it in the afternoon. I was often irritated by my gastritis, intestinal problems, fibroids in the uterus, stomach problems, heart aches, etc. Without pills, I could not sleep. I was getting addicted to these drugs. Through Homa Therapy I got well. No surgery, no pills now. I’m fine. I changed my character and my diet.

I do not eat hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, canned foods nor shrimps. I have no desire to eat those foods anymore. Now I like healthy food, soy meat, soy milk, etc. The gases were so strong that I could not get out of bed. I could not even speak. It seemed that I was dying. I have dates in my mind when supposedly I was dying. Now Thanks to Homa Therapy, I try not to remember all that, because it is past. I lived in the past for many years. Now I understand that one must live the present and I live much, much better. I thank God for every day and every night, because life is a game. So we must see something positive every minute. Homa Therapy changed my life and my home. Now my husband has no more bad temper, he is more understanding and the relationship with my daughters is much better; they are more loving.”

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