Jorge Alvarado | Back Pain

Jorge Alvarado
Guayaquil, Ecuador

             "I’m participating in Homa Therapy here at the Holistic Center "Vida Nueva" (New Life) of the couple Viviana Esteves and Mario.
         Even though I am a little skeptical, I have good experiences. The first time I participated in Homa Therapy, which by the way is offered as a free treatment, I had pain in my back and during the Therapy, while we were doing Mantras and meditation, suddenly, when I rearranged my sitting position, the pain was gone.
This caught my attention and I do come here every week to participate.

          Once I had a wound near the elbow. It was quite deep and usually this takes quite some time to heal.       We just had finished with Agnihotra and Viviana placed some cream with this ash and ghee on the wound and it healed surprisingly fast.
            Playing sports, I had been hit in the leg and it got completely purple.  I know from other hits that the healing delays. But at night, I received the same Agnihotra ash cream, applied it and the other day at night, the skin was practically clear.    I asked myself if this had been just dirt or something. Because when I wiped my leg clean, there were just one or two dots left. But I know that my body does not reabsorb blood so easily. This caught my attention and these are good experiences.
            I keep coming back, because beyond this health effect, Homa helps also in relaxation. For example, when one comes worn out from a tiring day, with stress and does Homa, one feels relaxed and discharged.
Independently from the healing effect, is a good way of relaxing and taking time for oneself.
That is very important these days, because everything is so fast, so stressful. I recommend it."    
Photo: Mr. Jorge is the 2nd from the right – Agnihotra at "Vida Nueva" Holistic Center)

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