Ysela Cobos Cordova’s Healing

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
South America

ovarian cysts
food allergy

“One or two months ago I was sick in bed with some terrible pains in the abdomen due to cysts in the ovary. I took pills, but it still hurt.”

“The first day, when I came to the HOMA Therapy, the pain was gone. The next day I felt a pain similar to the one you get after a race. So I began to attend every day the Agnihotra fire. Gradually the pain disappeared. Now I no longer have any pain. I could not sleep for several days, but I started sleeping peacefully from the first day I attended Agnihotra fire. I have been doing the HOMA Therapy for 10 days now.”

“I was allergic to all foods. I got sick after eating lobster, shellfish, pineapple or melon. So I had to take medications or a sun bath or go to the sea. Now I do not have any allergy; before my body was always itching.”

“I also had an ugly and dry cough for one year. It would go away for a month and then return. Lately I was even drinking milk with garlic because my mom told me that it will alleviate the symptoms a little. But the cough has disappeared the first day that I came to the HOMA Fires.”

“HOMA Therapy has taken care of all these problems and I hardly remember how many illnesses I had. I know that HOMA Therapy comes from God, and I tell everyone that, in fact, this is something good and it can help us. I am very well and happy thanks to HOMA Therapy.”

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