Sebastiana Farfan’s Healing

Piura, Peru
South America


“I am 49 years old. I go almost daily to the regional hospital, Cayetano Heredia to participate in the Homa Therapy sessions and I do Agnihotra with my own kit. I joined this group for several reasons. My knees hurt very much, also my shoulders and hands (arthritis) and I also suffered for 2 years with gastritis. I was in medical treatment with a gastroenterologist in Chiclayo (a city which is 4 hours away from Piura).”

“One week after starting with the Agnihotra practice and taking its ash, I have no more heart burn. Since then I do not take any medication at all. Also my knees stopped hurting, my shoulders don’t hurt and also I feel no more pain in my hands.”

“Prior to Homa Therapy, I was also very irritated and very bitter. I have a restaurant and the job is very stressful. Thanks to this therapy I am much better. My life has improved and I rest better. Now I sleep soundly every night and nothing wakes me up. I feel younger, with more energy, softer, no more uptight and I encourage everyone to practice the Agnihotra fire and take its ash. My medicine now is to do Agnihotra and take its healing ash three times a day in half a glass of water.”

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