Virginia Socorro Ocampo | Hearing Loss

Virginia Socorro Ocampo
President of the Educational Unit ‘Pio Jaramillo Alvarado’ in Loja, Ecuador, South America

     "Several years ago, in the newspaper ‘La Hora’, I read about Homa Therapy. I went to Quito, where Mrs. Virginia Morales (from the Homa Center), taught me and told me many things about Homa Therapy. I got my Agnihotra kit. At that time, I myself had no health problems. I got the kit to help my dad and then kept it in a safe place.
                  But in 2007, I started having severe headaches and dizziness. I fell several times and I did not know what the problem was. The tests did not reveal the problem either.
 (Photo: Mrs. Virginia Ocampo)

      In 2008, during a trip, my eardrums practically burst and I lost my hearing. My throat and nose were also affected and I had terrible headaches.
           I returned to Loja immediately and made an appointment with an ENT specialist  (otolaryngologist). He prescribed me rest and antibiotics. After one month, there was still no improvement, and the infection continued. It was terrible. Then, the doctor told me that the infection had gone to the brain and that there was nothing left but to operate. I went to the social security hospital to arrange a date for the operation. There, I saw patients walking with bandages on their heads. That’s when I said, ‘No more. I will not be operated’. I ran out of there and went home.
            I went to my room and unpacked my Homa instruments. I had everything, including ghee and cow dung cookies. I started doing Agnihotra by myself in my room. When the fire would extinguish, I placed my ears close to the pyramid, left and right, left and right, again and again, every day, until I was healed. I got completely healed.
      When I returned to the doctor, he said: "This operation is no more necessary because you are cured"!
        So I started taking Homa Therapy more seriously. I went to Guayaquil to the Homa Center and learned more. We went to various Homa events which I enjoyed very much.
    It has been a wonderful experience. Through this problem of hearing loss, my emotional situation was also very much affected. I was very down. But I got over it and I managed to continue my work as a teacher.
     Now, I place Homa Therapy at the service of my students because I know that Homa Therapy works for all diseases.  It can heal even animals and plants.
        It has always been my desire to open a Homa Therapy Center in Loja. I feel committed and I hope you come back again to give us all the support, for the teachers, for the students and for the whole community of Loja."

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