Florián Gabriel Torres | High Blood Pressure

Florián Gabriel Torres
Bagua Grande, Amazonas, Peru

          "I work in Social Communication. When I came to the first Homa Therapy session, I had a terrible headache. It was due to my high blood pressure. I spoke with Eng. Luis Tafur, who told me that, in addition to the regular practice of Agnihotra, there was a seed, called Rudraksha, which comes from India and it also helps with the problem of high blood pressure.

I got this seed with Mrs. Aleta and Prof. Abel. This seed, combined with Homa Therapy, has made a complete difference in my life.
      Before, I lived discussing and fighting with my wife due to my explosive character with high BP (blood pressure). Today my BP stabilized, and I have no headache. This has also brought joy into my life and it has changed me.
This is the experience I wanted to share with you."

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