Rosa Maria Castillo Vilchez’ Story

Bayovar, Piura, Peru
South America

nervous anxiety

“I am 77 years old and I am arthritic and very nervous. Due to my coming to the Homa Therapy sessions in the Reategui hospital and taking the Agnihotra ash, I feel very calm now. Last night, after I took the Agnihotra ash orally, there was just a little bit left and I rubbed it on my left knee, which hurts the most. I mixed it with water and I applied it repeating ‘Lord may Your Will be done and not mine.’ After it dried, I went to sleep. Today I have not had any pain in the left knee where I put the ash, but I still feel the pain in the right knee, where I did not put the it.”

“I think that this little Agnihotra ash is like the blessing of God. As old people, we feel many times that we are being neglected and not taken care of by society. We come from a village that is two hours away from the Reategui hospital, but we are very grateful we can participate in these healing fires and receive this healing ash free of charge.”

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