Rosa Sotomayor | Cysts

Rosa Sotomayor
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

The doctor diagnosed my friend, Piedad, with cysts. She had two, one on each breast. One was large, the size of a lime. The other one was smaller. The doctor diagnosed these cysts using an ultrasound and said that she had to have an operation. So I talked to her about Homa Therapy because I had tried it at home with my daughters. Homa Therapy specially helped my daughter, who has shortness of breath. She suffers from asthma. I recommended that she apply the Agnihotra ash as well as take it [orally]. So she was taking and applying the ash every day for two weeks until she had another appointment with the doctor. She was to have a checkup and schedule an appointment for the operation. When they did another ultrasound, they could not find anything in either breast. The cysts had already disappeared.

The doctor asked her if she had been taking some medication and she told him “no”. He said “that in any case, they did not need to operate because there was nothing there, the cysts had disappeared”.
At first, she could not believe it. So she called another doctor from next door to confirm if the ultrasound report was good or not. So the other doctor did examine her as well and he also couldn’t find any cyst. They thought that the previous results were wrong and asked if they had been delivered the same day or the next day, because maybe there had been a mistake. So she told them that the ultrasound was taken on Sunday and that there were no other patients, she was the only one, and they handed her the results the same day. So, there was no error.
I have almost two years practicing Agnihotra and I gave the Agnihotra ash to my friend. She took it [orally] and applied the Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee.”
Photo: Rosa Sotomayor participating in Agnihotra at the Homa Center in Guayaquil.)

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